OTA Face "The Imeldific Unicorn" $10,000 - Sponsored by Fenty Beauty.
Ostentatiously extravagant beauty verging the point of vulgarity.
The Face: A mesmerizing beauty; something out a dream.
The Look: Opalescent couture.

FF Performance "Dancehall Queen" $5000 - Sponsored by Reggae Fest Tour.
Make your grand entrance as "Belle of the Ball" and transform into the Ultimate "Queen of the Dancehall" adorned in all things beautiful. YOUR ENTRANCE, LOOK AND TALENT WILL BE JUDGED.
FQ in all Gold
DRAG in all Black
WOMEN in all Green

OTA Legendary Performance
"The Throwback" - MF vs FF - $1000
Resurrect the 90's performance uniform: sexy jeans, a nasty boot and sickening shades! We need to see the old school version of yourself. It's for $1000 so make sure that look is worth it!

Realness with a Twist
Pt 1 "The Music Mogul" Grab your tens by representing your label w/contract in hand for your new female artist.
Pt 2 "The Recording Artist" Come back as the newly signed female artist giving her first live performance.

BQ Vogue Femme
"Royalty" The Majestic Triad" $1500
Your house is now a royal family aimed to expand your territory. Send your three (3) strongest Vogue Femmes creatively outfitted as the imperial guards of your nation. The last three (3) voguers standing can call a surprise house lifeline to help defend their kingdom and secure their win! (Lifeline can't be a Female Figure or a Legend)

New Way Vs. Old Way
Way "March to the beat of a different tune." $500
Its audition time for the newest Broadway musical. Bring your best technique in polished all black to snatch the lead role. But here's the catch: the composer's playlist doesn't contain vogue beats.

OTA Sex Siren
"Romancing the Stone" $1000
Step on the runway in a tasteful sensuous effect enhancing your sexuality through crystals.

All-American Runway
"The Sinister Storm" $1000
McQueen elevated the element of twisted couture. In honor of his legacy and your creative imagery, bring an inspired effect that complements your All-American strut. No spray paint or effect that has already been done.

OTA European Runway
"The Show Must Go On" $1000
You're the most talked about and most desired supermodel known for the nastiest and shadiest attitude. Shadefest meets Fashion Week in a CHIC avant-garde look. It takes nerve to walk... so no weak links tonight!

"The Manifestation of a Superior Race" Actualize a new species; the ballroom way!

OTA Body
"Eyes Wide Shut" In a look that accentuates your physique with complementary mask.

OTA Realness
"The Retrospect of Mugler" $500
To commemorate our 30 years of existence, recreate the decades of Mugler. Any look from that decade you want but do your research. And remember, Mugler realness has always been clean, sharp and well groomed.
Male Figures circa 1980s
Legendary circa 1990s
Female Figures circa 2000s

Team Best Dressed
"Past and Present" $1000
In a new look, complement your partner who is wearing a past look you won in or THINK you should've won in.

High Fashion Streetwear
"Prints, Prints and more Prints" $500
Labels - "Vintage with a twist" $2000
Head to toe vintage with two (2) on current show stopping pieces. IMPECCABLE STYLING IS KEY!
Male Figure $1000
Female Figure $1000

BQ Up in Pumps
Minimum 3 inches or higher!

Transman Perfect Tens
"The Modern Dandy"
Aimed toward perfection, you have designed the truly 'modern dandy': impeccably dressed and debonair; dazzling our eyes with a handsome face, chiseled silhouette and unstoppable realness. Bring us a groomed, fully-tailored head to toe look.

Transman Realness
"The Cover Model"
Pretty Boy vs. School Boy vs. Thug vs. Executive
A top magazine requested you to bring to life their new fashion editorial campaign. Dazzling, Avant Garde, Out of the box but all real. How will you grace the cover?